jquery.otherdropdown v1.2.x
# jquery.otherdropdown A dropdown select box where choosing 'other' prompts the user for an alternate response. ![alt tag](https://raw.github.com/TheBox193/jquery.otherdropdown/master/screenshot.png) * [Examples / Docs](http://otherdropdown.code.jstassen.com/) * [Github](https://github.com/TheBox193/jquery.otherdropdown) ## Install * Follow the instructions to install [Bower](http://bower.io/#install-bower). * Switch to project folder and run `bower install jquery.otherdropdown --save` * Include `jquery.otherdropdown.js` after jQuery is loaded in your document. ## Usage * Bind jquery.otherdropdown to an html select, optionally pass an `options` object * `$('select').otherdropdown()` * `$('.mySelect').otherdropdown({placeholder:'Type your answer'})` ## Options You can pass in options to otherdropdown as an object. * `{value: 'more'}` - Optional, Value you wish to trigger the text input. `default = 'other'` * `{classes: 'noborder greybg'}` - Optional, clases that the text input should have. `default = null` * `{placeholder: 'Type your answer'}` - Optional, placeholder text on text input. `default = name` ## Future * Add Callbacks hooks * Create `min` builds * Add tests ## Demos

$('[name="Test-3"]').otherDropdown({placeholder:'Type of event?'});
$('[name="Test-5"]').otherDropdown({classes:'lightgreen-bg', value:'Something', placeholder:'Type of event?' })